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The Definitive Guide To Choosing Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

In your quest to finding the best vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors, you ought to look for one that can effectively and efficiently do the work. Hardwood floors are easy to get scratched, and the normal vacuums used on carpet may harm them.

Vacuums on Hardwood Floors

So, you need to pay enough attention to which one to choose when you will need to use the vacuum on hardwood floors. High quality vacuum cleaners are more than capable of enabling you clean and maintain the natural beauty and luster of your floors without letting abrasive debris or dust damage them.

Tips to Choose The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

As such, when it comes to choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, there are a number of things you ought to consider:

Flexibility: For Hardwood Floor, for Carpet, for Pet Hair?

Well, maybe you are looking for a vacuum for hardwood floors mainly, you also need to take into account whether some other places you will use it in, such as also using this vacuum on carpets. Or, do you need this vacuum very effective in removing pet hairs? The key to finding one vacuum cleaner that will do the job is to look for one that's quite flexible. This is in terms of it being able to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and debris without causing damage to the hard floors.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner: Canister VS Upright

Canister Vacuum

Upright vacuum

The two most prominent types of vacuum cleaners are the canister vacuums and the self-contained upright vacuums models While the former are of lighter weight and quite easy to maneuver (only the power head and hose need to be moved), the latter are a little heavier but, inexpensive. Thus, canister vacuums models are better if you are looking for a cleaner that can easily clean under the furniture and the stairs.

An alternative to these two would be the stick vacuums. These are not only inexpensive but also quite versatile - their having a low profile makes it easier for them to fit under the furniture or cabinets. They can hence be regarded as among the most convenient vacuums for cleaning up dust, dirt and debris. In the hardwood floor vacuum reviews section, you will find more best canister vacuums, upright vacuums for hardwood floors.

Dirt Collection Options:

Bag or Bag-less?

Another important thing to consider is the mode of dirt collection. Since the bagless vacuum cleaners have an inbuilt bin rather than a throw-away bag, emptying them can be quite a chore. Many a times, you'll be exposed to both a cloud of dust as well as the need to manually get rid of pet hairs that normally cling to the bins.

It's therefore important that if you decide to purchase a cleaner with a bagless option, you make sure that it's well sealed. Doing so will prevent dust from leaking back into the air and later onto the hardwood floors. But then, it's also worth noting that cleaners with throw-away bags hold more dirt and are best used in households where a member of the family suffers from allergies.

Features to Look For:

Once you have settled for the ideal vacuum cleaner, the next step is to check if its features will make it easier for it to be used on hardwood floors. Examples of these features include:

a) Edge Cleaner: If the cleaner has this feature, then, it's highly capable of picking up dirt underneath the entire power head; the location where the floor meets the wall. This area can as well be cleaned using attachment tools such as a soft bristle brush or crevice tool.

b) On and off switch on roller brush: When a vacuum cleaner with a spinning roller brush is used on hard floors, dirt and debris get scattered all over the place. It's hence better to turn off the roller brush switch when cleaning.

c) Bare floor setting/manual height adjustment: Adjustable height means that you can easily lower its head so as to enable you vacuum the hardwood floors with ease.

d) Suction control switch: Helps in reducing the airflow if light suction is all that's needed.

In a nutshell, when choosing a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor, the most important aspect to consider is the ability to clean - remove dirt, dust and other types of debris in a manner that won't leave the floor's finish scratched. This way, your highly prized asset will be well protected.

Comparisons Chart for Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum 2016

In the comparisons chart below, you will find Some top rated vacuums for hardwood floors, including cordless vacuums, canister vacuums, upright vacuums. Some are not only recommended as best for hardwood floors, but also top rated for carpet or pet hair. Compare their sizes, features, pricing, ratings before you make your decision which one is suitable for you.

You could also find some hardwood floor vacuum reviews and choosing tips in the paragraphs below.

Top 8 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 2016

Despite there being a number of vacuum cleaners in the market, these eight are undisputed the best:

1. Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S2121

This vacuum cleaner model by Miele is uniquely designed to meet various vacuuming functions in every one's home or the office. It is one best canister vacuum for hardwood floors. What makes it exceptional is its ability to vacuum different kinds of floors, from the high pile carpeting and plush rugs to the solid and smooth surfaces such as hardwoods and tiles. In addition, it's very light in weight (weighs 13 pounds) hence easy to maneuver around its 29.5 feet of cleaning radius. Thus, by owning it, you will only have to spend a limited amount of time doing the cleaning for it is both efficient and effective. The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner measures 9.4 X7 X 15.2 inches, weighs 13 pounds and retails for slightly over $300. Examples of its key features include:

a) Auto seal closing filter bag to automatically lock in dust, allergens or dirt.

b) Extra large handle that simplifies the whole vacuuming process.

c) Six power settings to help one vary the suction power.

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

Shark NV356E

The NV356E vacuum cleaner is perfectly designed for use on both bare floors and all types of area rugs and carpets. It measures 15.4 X 11.6 X 27 inches and weighs 23 pounds. This machine is recommended as one best upright vacuum for hardwood floors. Due to its convenience and design (has a 30 foot long cord) it's perfect for cleaning even the very hard to reach areas as well as the hard floors, upholstery, low and high pile carpets and even the stairs. All this is done through its use of advanced cyclonic technology and anti-allergen complete seal technology that removes not just the dirt that you can see but also once that's already embedded on the floors/carpets hence hard to see. The cleaner, which is originally manufactured in China retails for $150 ~$200. The three features that set it apart from all the rest are:

a) Advanced Cyclonic Technology that separates dust from air hence preventing it from clogging the filters.

b) HEPA filtration and Anti-Allergen Seal Technology that captures 99.9 percent of allergens and dust.

c) Swivel steering which makes it incredibly easy to maneuver; even in small areas and corners.

3. Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

Mint Automatic 4200

The 4200 Mint Automatic vacuum cleaner by Evolution Robotics is purposely designed for mopping and sweeping hard floors. This is made possible through the use of dry and/or pre-moisturized cleaning cloths that help in picking dirt, dust and other particles from the floors. These microfiber cloths can be washed and reused for hundreds of times. Mint Automatic can hence be regarded as a more sophisticated solution to the traditional modes of mopping and sweeping floors. Due to its capability to get into tight spaces, it's ideal for use in areas where the traditional sweepers and mops would otherwise be incapable of reaching. This USA made cleaner measures 9.6 X 8.5 X 3.1 inches and weighs approximately 7.1 pounds. Some of its distinct features include:

a) Navigation System/indoor GPS that keeps track of the cleaner's movements.

b) Whisper quiet operation thus doesn't cause noise pollution while vacuuming.

c) Lack of bins or filters hence requires minimal maintenance.

4. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH 50010

Hoover BH50010

This USA made upright vacuum cleaner model is cordless, light in weight (weighs 10 pounds), easy to maneuver around the room and is capable of not just picking the small particles but also the larger ones, thanks to its having an extra wide mouth opening (has an 11 inch wide nozzle). Due to its design and edge cleaning bristles, This best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors can easily reach under one's furniture and counter edges and can at the same time be used in cleaning both the hard floors as well as the carpets. To meet the diverse needs of the users, its height can be adjusted. The BH 50010 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick cleaner measures 10.4 X 8 X 24.8 inches and retails for less than $150. And you could find more best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors in the above comparisons chart. The most outstanding features of this cleaner are:

a) Powered brush-roll which uses wind-tunnel technology that enables easier lifting of dirt from the floors.

b) Intuitive power controls that are strategically positioned on the handle - just below your fingertips.

c) A wide mouth opening that aids in cleaning a wider area but in lesser time.

5. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes, FH40010B

Hoover FH40010B

What makes this vacuum cleaner model exceptional is its capability to include the three most essential cleaning functionalities - vacuuming, washing and drying. As such, this 3 in 1 cleaner will eliminate the need to use hardwood floor brooms, buckets or getting down on your fours when scrubbing the hard floors, sealed vinyl, wood, tile and/or grout. They also have a 27 foot long power cord hence enabling you to clean even the very large rooms without being prompted to unplug and, cleans up to 13 inches of cleaning path. The FH40010B 3-in-1 cleaner measures approximately 15.2 X 12.2 X 31 inches in size, weighs 4.2 pounds and retails for only a little higher than $100. All of its capabilities are made possible by its unique features some of which include:

a) Multi-purpose SpinScrub technology with counter rotating brushes for scrubbing and washing hard-floors from different angles.

b) Mode selection that lets the user turn the dial to select different cleaning stages.

c) Dual tank technology that separates the clean from dirty water.

6. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A (Same as 81L2T)


The 81L2A and 81L2T are specifically designed for seamless cleaning of hard floors. The vacuum cleaner adopts a V-shape at the base to enhance its ability to capture both the fine particles and large debris without the need to use a brush roll. This shape further comes in handy when one is cleaning tight spaces or along and around baseboards and furniture. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner uses an easy to empty dirt cup hence making the whole cleaning easier and has a 20 feet long power cord which makes it even more convenient. Despite being so efficient, this 10.6 X 11.3 X 43.3 cleaner is among the most reasonably priced for it retails for less than $50. The three most outstanding features of this cleaner are:

a) Innovative suction technology that directs large and smaller debris into suction path's center and paths respectively.

b) Superior suction that eradicates the need to use a broom or attachments in picking dirt.

c) Light in weight therefore making cleaning a lot easier and more convenient.

7. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

Eureka 3670G

This vacuum cleaner is best suited for people who desire to clean their homes or their cars quickly and efficiently. Apart from it having powerful brush-rolls that enhance deep cleaning of the carpets, it also has a number of tools that make it easier to clean upholstery, stairs, bare floors, tiles and wood floors. By it weighing only 10 pounds, it's easy to carry and maneuver around. So other than using it inside your home, you can use it to thoroughly clean the insides of your car for it sucks up all the particles from the seats as well as the under the seats and on the sides of the seats. It measures 18.2 X 13.6 X 13.6 and retails for $50~$100. Some of its key features include:

a) An empty dust bag that's quite easy to remove and empty hence enhancing mess-free cleaning.

b) Long enough power cord (20 foot) with a cord wind that makes it easy to store.

c) Easy to use controls which are conveniently located on the handle.

8. Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030

Hoover SH20030

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030 is specially designed to help in cleaning hard floors, area rugs and low pile carpeting. In essence, they are best used when one is transitioning from the hard floors to the area rugs and/low pile carpets. The SH20030 has a 20 foot long power cord and is highly encouraged for use within homes with hard floors that have some of the areas covered with area rugs and/or carpets. This cleaner measures 10.6 X 8 X 25 inches in size and weighs 9.3 pounds. It's also one of the most reasonably priced vacuum cleaners in the market for it retails for less than $100 and, is sold with a two year limited warranty.