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I Love Coopers Old Time BBQ

bbq ribs

Cooper's is one of my all time favorite BBQ  joints.  It's a bit of a drive from Austin (1 1/2 hours or so), but well worth the trip. This has been my tried and true BBQ favorite and the standard as to what I measure BBQ against.  So it seems fitting that this is the place that I chose to do my first post on.  I've been talking a big game on how good Cooper's was to Mike (one of the EatsBBQ crew).  He hadn't had the privilege of eating there until today.

On typical a typical weekend the line wraps around the front of the build.  People drive from all over to come here, but there is a heavy dose of Austinites here.  It's in the Hill Country and it's a pretty and scenic drive up.  In the Spring time the area surrounding Llano has a lot of Bluebonnet's blooming.

Once you get to the head of the line, you notice the 10 pits that they smoke all their meats in.  The front pit holds the selection of meats for the day and they are laid out in front of you as the picture shows.  Brisket, "BIG" Chop, Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Goat Ribs (when available), Pork Loin, Chicken, Jalapeno Sausage, Pork Sausage, Ribeye, etc.  It's an amazing sight, that almost makes you want to get down and pray.  The pit cutter will then ask you what you want, he'll cut it, then immediately ask you if you want it dipped.  That translates to do you want your meat dipped in a big pot of BBQ sauce.  The answer is always "yes".  At that point, you take your food inside, the cutter inside will then take your meat ...

How to Improve your Credit Score – The Ins and Outs

There are several tips on how to improve your credit score.  If you have decent to good credit these fixes can be quick and effective to raise your score.  However, if you have bad credit it may take a little bit more time to raise your score and put you in good standing to get back on track.  If you have bad credit or are having a hard time making ends meet then you should see a credit counselor or debt management agency to help you. 

This does not lower your credit score and these agencies usually charge a very affordable, and downright cheap fee if you consider what they are offering.  They will save you far more money than you will ever pay them.  They know the ins and outs of credit and can divvy up your money to the right areas for maximum effectiveness to raise your credit score.

If you have decent credit and are searching on how to improve your credit score then consider these options.  Having a high credit limit that far exceeds your current balance will reflect highly on your credit report and looks good to creditors for loans and other credit bureaus.  So do not have lenders lower your limit as this can reflect negatively on your score. 

This may seem an obvious note but it is important to not make late payments as this can reflect negatively, particularly if you have good credit.  A late payment can knock your score down considerably if you have good credit.  It doesn’t go down quite as much for those with medium to low credit however, but you still need to make your payments on time or early to keep your credit score on the rise. 

Putting other credit card balances to a single account ...

Why Are Organizations Experiencing Data Breaches?

As recent as April 2011, Sony PlayStation Network was breached and an approximated 77 million user accounts were compromised. Unfortunately, such reports of info breach are ending up being common to the point that they do not produce fascinating news anymore, and yet effects of a breach on an organization can be extreme. In a scenario, where data breaches are becoming typical, one is obliged to ask, why is it that companies are ending up being vulnerable to a breach?

Siloed technique to compliance a possible cause for data breachOne best credit report of the possible factors for data breach might be that organizations are managing their regulations in silos. And while this might have been a possible method if the organizations had one or two guidelines to manage, it is not the finest concept where there are various regulations to adhere to. Siloed method is expense and resource intensive and also leads to redundancy of effort in between various regulative evaluations.

Prior to the enormous explosion in regulative landscape, lots of companies taken part in a yearly thorough threat assessment. These assessments were complicated and expensive however since they were done once a year, they were manageable. With the surge of policies the cost of a single thorough assessment is now being spread out thin throughout a variety of fairly superficial assessments. So, instead of taking a deep appearance at ones business and identifying risk through deep analysis, these assessments have the tendency to skim the surface area. As an outcome areas of risk do not get identified and addressed on time, leading to information breaches.

Though threat assessments are expensive, it is crucial for a business to discover unidentified information streams, review their controls system, audit peoples access to systems and procedures and IT systems throughout the company ...

Kukui Nut Oil Homemade Skin Care

Now thаt summer іѕ almost over аnd thе сοοƖ weather іѕ οn thе way, autumn іѕ thе perfect time tο take action tο rejuvenate thе face аnd deal wіth аnу harm tο thе Sun thаt hаѕ took рƖасе over thе summer. Thе sun’s rays іѕ perhaps thе wοrѕt type οf culprit bесаuѕе οf premature ageing οf thе skin, whісh саn lead tο wrinkles, blemishes аnd οthеr indications οf premature aging. Dr. Lee Corbett, a highly credentialed, board-certified Louisville cosmetic surgeon, offers thеіr first five procedures wіth regard tο both men аnd women tο reverse thе sun dаmаɡе along wіth 10 years younger, ranging frοm injections minimally invasive oral surgical procedures.

  1. Nothing causes aging οf thе skin bесаuѕе hyperpigmentation, those dаrk discoloration, аƖѕο known аѕ age spots, stains οf Sun οr even sometimes liver spots.Cosmetic surgeons mау delete thеѕе tv ads annoying, аѕ well аѕ spider veins аnd even facial tattoos, laser VersaPulse, seeking аt Junk. pigmentation treatments аrе performed іn thе doctor’s surgery аnd 15-30 minutes.

  2. thе Sun аnd age mау join forces tο сrеаtе аn overall look dull, wrinkled, thаt саn bе terminated bу a skin ablation treatment. Thеrе аrе many different laser beam varying degrees οf weight thаt cosmetic surgeons mаkе uѕе οf tο remove dead skin cells, possibly skin tone, reduce thе okay lines аnd wrinkles аnd lower acne scars. Thе result іѕ a skin smoother, more Blend аnd tone.

  3. Injectable Wrinkle Fillers аrе a fаѕt way tο reduce wrinkles аnd give thе face look more youthful. Juvederm іѕ used primarily tο plump up lips, аnd Restylane, іn whісh pochetterosio skin аnd helps thеm tο maintain thе humidity, саn bе used tο reduce thе wrinkles between thе cheek аѕ well аѕ thе lip, wrinkles thаt arc down frοm thе viewpoint οf thе mouth аnd ...

The Definitive Guide To Choosing Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

In your quest to finding the best vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors, you ought to look for one that can effectively and efficiently do the work. Hardwood floors are easy to get scratched, and the normal vacuums used on carpet may harm them.

Vacuums on Hardwood Floors

So, you need to pay enough attention to which one to choose when you will need to use the vacuum on hardwood floors. High quality vacuum cleaners are more than capable of enabling you clean and maintain the natural beauty and luster of your floors without letting abrasive debris or dust damage them.

Tips to Choose The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

As such, when it comes to choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, there are a number of things you ought to consider:

Flexibility: For Hardwood Floor, for Carpet, for Pet Hair?

Well, maybe you are looking for a vacuum for hardwood floors mainly, you also need to take into account whether some other places you will use it in, such as also using this vacuum on carpets. Or, do you need this vacuum very effective in removing pet hairs? The key to finding one vacuum cleaner that will do the job is to look for one that's quite flexible. This is in terms of it being able to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and debris without causing damage to the hard floors.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner: Canister VS Upright

Canister Vacuum

Upright vacuum

The two most prominent types of vacuum cleaners are the canister vacuums and the self-contained upright vacuums models While the former are of lighter weight and quite easy to maneuver (only the power head and hose need to be moved), the latter are a little heavier but, inexpensive. Thus, canister vacuums models are better ...

Keloid Scar Treatments That Actually Work

Keloids are scars that are caused by increased tissue formation after some type of trauma to the skin has occurred. It usually carries a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Keloids are irregularly shaped and have a tendency to enlarge or grow progressively. Unlike the normal scars, keloids do not subside eventually. After the skin will be injured, the healing process usually leaves an apparent flat scar. Sometimes the scar tissue is hypertrophic or thickened but confined into the margin of the wound. Hypertrophic scars tend to become redder and may subside (a process that would often take one year or more). Treatments like cortisone (steroid) injection can speed up this process.

Keloids can start a whole after the injury and extend beyond the injured site. This has a tendency to migrate into surrounding areas that were not injured to start with and this is the distinguishing feature of keloid from hypertrophic scars. Keloid typically appears after injury or surgery, but they can furthermore appear spontaneously or from slight inflammation just like acne even if it was not scratched or otherwise irritated. Other minor injuries that may trigger keloids are piercings and burns.

Here are some keloid scar treatments:

Cortisone shots (intralesional steroids) – Most are safe and not extremely painful. Injections are typically given once on a monthly basis until the maximum benefit is obtained. Injections can normally help flatten keloids.

Surgery – This procedure can be risky because cutting a keloid can certainly trigger the formation of a similar or even greater keloid. Some surgeons would first inject steroids or apply pressure dressings towards the wound site after cutting away the keloid. Radiation after the surgical excision has also been used.

Laser – The pulsed-dye laser might be effective at flattening keloids and also making the keloid look less ...

My Favorite Natural Anti Aging Products

anti aging productsToday, there are a multitude of exceptional all natural anti aging products that will help you maintain a youthful appearance much longer than was ever thought possible only a few short years ago. The market for anti aging products is extremely large. Because of this, the manufacturers that develop these items have spent billions of dollars on research over the past decade to improve their performance. They are now at levels that were once deemed unattainable, only a little while ago.

When you start shopping for Natural Anti Aging Products, you will immediately notice that there are very large differences in the prices between apparently interchangeable items. In most instances, this will be because one brand uses all natural ingredients, and the less expensive supplier uses synthetic ingredients.

Most synthetic ingredients are made from petroleum based products, or the same thing that gasoline is made from. Why a company could possibly think that these would be good for your skin, is almost beyond belief. Of course, it all comes down to cost, and what the consumer is willing to pay for a product.

If you want to only apply the very best all natural anti aging products to your skin.

You will need to read the labels on these natural anti aging products very carefully, and be sure you fully understand the benefits each one provides you.  One of my favorites is called called Renew Collagen.  You can try it for free or pick up a bottle if you like.

The following is a partial list of synthetic ingredients that you want to avoid, paraben, phthalates, synthetic colors (FD&C and D&C followed by a number), synthetic fragrance, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, stearelkonium chloride, and 1,4-dioxane.

If you see any of the above items listed in the ingredients of a ...

A Few Facts About Forskolin Extract You May Not Know

forskolinThere's no question that losing weight is extremely difficult to do - everyone who's ever tried to shed some extra pounds are witness to how grueling and frustrating it is to get the weight you've always wanted to have.

While there are many weight loss supplements that do help with people's weight loss efforts, only a select few have really stood out. One of these is Forskolin. Now, you might be scratching your head as to what this supplement is. This is because Forskolin extract is not primarily used for weight loss.

In fact, Forskolin is a popular ingredient in many medications for asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and as well as skin disorders. Scientists only recently discovered that an incredible side effect of consuming Forskolin is actually weight loss.

How? Read more of this Forskolin review to find out.

What is Forskolin Extract?

Forskolin is not a brand or supplements but it's a plant. Also known as Coleus Forskohlii, this plant is scientifically known as Plectranthus Barbatus, and is a member of the mint and lavender family.

This plant has long been used in the regions where it grows, such as India and Nepal, and it's a popular herbal medicine for a wide range of health conditions.

Scientists who were studying the roots of the plant discovered something amazing. They discovered that Forskolin increases the enzyme called cAMP or cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which regulates several biochemical functions in the body.

One of these functions is the production of thyroid hormones, which is linked to how slow or fast your metabolism is. When studies were done on overweight subjects, scientists were able to discover that taking Forskolin extract can help with fat burning and the production of lean body mass.

So not ...